Julia Allen Fights Radical Alteration of Our Culture

McDermott Endorses Julie

Representative Bob McDermott and his wife, Utu, are strong supporters of Julia Allen. They all stood together, opposed to the State’s changing the definition of marriage without the consent of the people. The fight to stop “Pono Choices” and the Common Core now calls on our energies as a vital part of education reform.

Our incumbent Representative defends the huge education bureaucracy that robs schools of needed resources, implements “Pono Choices” against parents’ wishes and weakens principals and teachers. The incumbent votes to alter marriage, showing no respect for this long-trusted, time-tested institution.

Julia Allen values and protects our cherished freedoms against the power of bossy government.

Julia Allen’s Response to Hawaii Family Forum and Hawaii Catholic Conference Survey

Survey Cover Graphic

The following is Julia Allen’s response to a recently released survey by Hawaii Family Forum and Hawaii Catholic Conference.

1 Would you vote to increase coordinated social services for ex-incarcerated persons being reintegrated into society and for their families?


2 Would you vote to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Hawaii?


3 Would you vote to eliminate the Hawaii State income tax for families with incomes under the federal poverty level? (e.g. 1 – $11,670, or, family of 4 – $23,850) ?


4 Would you vote to continue to protect the right of religious organizations to refuse outside groups from using their facilities for activities related to same-sex marriage?


5 Would you vote to support tuition tax credits or vouchers to help poor families choose the school they consider best for their children?


6 Would you vote to establish a state earned income tax credit for residents living on low incomes?


7 Would you vote to legalize any form of gambling in Hawaii?


8 Would you vote to increase state funds to develop more affordable housing in Hawaii?


9 Would you vote for legislation that requires parental or guardian notification before a minor can have an abortion?


10 Would you vote to increase services for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence?


11 Would you vote to establish a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Hawaii like that in 19 other States?


12 Would you vote to establish term limits for state legislators?


Direct Link to Candidate Survey (PDF)

Any questions? Call Julia at 808 255-8915.

Response Table

The Issues at a Glance

Hawaii GOP Lokahi Rally

This is where I stand on the following, selected issues.

Issue Position Comment
GE Tax Increase to Pay for Rail Oppose Allow GET increase to be used for any transit project on Oahu
Fixed Rail Transit Oppose Costs too much and won’t reduce traffic congestion
Akaka Bill Oppose Unnecessary and divisive
Beverage Container Tax Oppose Curbside recycling is more effective
Taxing Pensions Oppose
Constitutional Convention Support
Alternative Energy/End Monopoly Support
2nd Amendment – Home Protection Support
2nd Amendment – Right to Carry Support
Agricultural Lands – Protect Support
Ban of Incandescent Bulbs Oppose
Ban of Plastic Bags Oppose
Ban of Styrofoam Lunch Containers Oppose
Special Funds – Creating New Oppose
Special Funds – Raiding Oppose
Decrease General Excise Tax Support
Decreasing Personal Income Tax Support
Education – More Charter Schools Support
Education – Local School Boards Support
Education – Merit Pay For Teachers Support
Education – UH Autonomy Support
Eliminating Death Tax Support
Law Enforcement – “Karen’s Law” Support
Legalize Gambling Oppose
Medical Marijuana For Severely Ill Support
National Popular Vote Oppose
Physician Assisted Suicide Oppose
Raising Taxes Oppose
Term Limits For Legislators Support
Unemployment Tax Reduction Support

If you have questions on any of these issues feel free to call or email me!

Additional Links

Honolulu Civil Beat 2012 Survey (link)

Residency: Equality in Law is Key

Julia Allen for State House 20

We live in a time when some of those who make the laws have come to think that the laws do not pertain to them. They may twist the law to suit themselves.

We have seen this happen from the very top on down as high level officials ignore laws and only enforce laws for some, but not for others.

They create laws for the advantage of one group over another.

One can hardly expect people to obey the law when our leaders do not.

All of this must stop. Vote for Julia Allen.

Top Photo: Julia Allen in front of her St. Louis drive home that she has been living in for a very long time. The home was once owned by her parents.

Calvin Say's residential facade by John Pritchett

Honesty or Deception?

Representative Say was born and raised in Palolo, but moved to Pauoa long ago, to a much larger house, to raise kids and live with his extended family. Say has kept ownership of the old house.

Candidate Julia Allen still lives in the house her parents bought when she was born, is active in our community and has trained diligently, working 10 years at the State Capitol, to best represent us.

No More Lies Mr. Say

Rep. Calvin Say claims he’s being challenged on a technicality. But it was a technicality that allowed him to win at the Board of (Voter) Registration by one vote in 2006. That, and the political pressure put on the members of the Board to change their vote.

Acknowledging then that he didn’t live there, he was permitted to keep his Palolo voter registration because he “intended to move back.” How long can someone “intend” to do something, not do it, and still be trusted? Say owns a small Palolo house. He lives in Pauoa. Say no more.

Voters can render a verdict.

Vote for Julia Allen in the November election.

Download Julia Allen’s Residency Brochure (6.4MB PDF)

John Pritchett’s Cartoon: Does Calvin Say Live in House District 20

Why Lawmaking is Often Compared to Sausage Making

julia20-1You know, there’s a good reason why lawmaking is often compared to sausage making.

Legislation gets introduced with very good intentions and often with very good ideas. You may want a particular law passed. You may very well like sausages.

But along the way, things happen to those good ideas The end result is often very different from how things began.

Aloha, My name is Julia Allen…

I am campaigning for election to the state House, District 20 in Kaimuki, everything mauka of H-1 to the top of the Koolau range. From Maunalani Heights to Palolo to St. Louis Heights.

My goal in seeking elective office is to achieve more public involvement, more public input and scrutiny, and much more public understanding at the decision making level.

At its best, lawmaking is not very pretty.

But it is this process that is so very important and truly demands the public’s attention.

Government is always looking for more revenue, but we have sufficient revenue. Our problem is overspending. To correct this we must reorganize and reprioritize.

I support addressing the needs of our kupuna, so that we may remain in our own homes as long as possible.

I oppose the state redefining marriage, ignoring the will of the people clearly expressed in a constitutional amendment and in the testimony of thousands.

In Hawaii, we had a prepaid healthcare law that worked well. We have traded for something that does not work.

Our schools suffer from massive top down bureaucratic control. Transferring resources and control to the community and school level will spur educational achievement.

Julia Allen for State House District 20 

I have signed the Tax Payer Protection Pledge. I agree with Americans for Tax Reform to oppose any and all tax increases. If elected, I will hold firm to this pledge. We need to leave people free to make the best use of their own resources. People are inherently creative and entrepreneurial.

I was born in Honolulu and have no trouble finding my birth certificate.

I still live in the same home my parents bought when I was born.

I have worked in retail businesses, owned my own business and worked in a family owned enterprise.

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked at the State Capitol. I frequently answer questions about the legislative process and the status of bills.

In all of these jobs I have greeted everyone who walks in the door, listened to them, answered their questions, offered directions, and helped find solutions to any problems.

I have been involved in my community through the Palolo Lions Club and as a member of Neighborhood Board No. 5.

My husband and I both regularly attend the First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu, and participate in many church activities.

We all share the good fortune of living in Hawaii and by exercising our civic duty can assure future generations an even better life.

Find out more about where I stand on issues by liking me on my Facebook page or visiting my website at http://www.julia20.com, that’s http://www.julia20.com.

Also, you may call me at 255-8915, that’s 255-8915.

I would be grateful for your vote to serve you as a State Representative in District 20. Mahalo.