November 1: Meet the Candidate – Free Hot Dogs!


Julia will be at Pukele Mini Park in Palolo this Saturday, November 1st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Come and enjoy our hospitality, talk story and have your questions answered. Free Hot Dogs!

Julia Allen for State House 20

Join Julia at Pukele Mini Park to a chat and a free hot dog!


I’ll be out sign waving in the morning and afternoon this week as well as on Monday. Give me a friendly “toot” when you see me, and don’t forget to vote!

Do You Need a Ride to Vote?

The Julia Allen Campaign Van

Whether you wish to vote early at Honolulu Hale, now through 11/1 or you need a lift to the polls on Election Day, 11/4 please give us a call at 255-5633 and we’ll pick you up to go vote and drop you back home. Call early to schedule a convenient time for you.

Absentee Polling Place to November 1: Honolulu Hale, City Hall, 530 South King Street, Honolulu HI

District 20 Polling Places on November 4:


Wilson Elementary School- Cafeteria
4945 Kilauea Ave, Honolulu, 96816


Anuenue School – Cafeteria
2528 10th Ave, Honolulu, 96816


Jarrett Middle School – Cafeteria
1903 Palolo Ave, Honolulu, 96816


Hokulani Elementary School – Cafeteria
2940 Kamakini St, Honolulu, 96816

Call 255-5633 Today for a Ride to Your Polling Place!

Julia Allen Fights Radical Alteration of Our Culture

McDermott Endorses Julie

Representative Bob McDermott and his wife, Utu, are strong supporters of Julia Allen. They all stood together, opposed to the State’s changing the definition of marriage without the consent of the people. The fight to stop “Pono Choices” and the Common Core now calls on our energies as a vital part of education reform.

Our incumbent Representative defends the huge education bureaucracy that robs schools of needed resources, implements “Pono Choices” against parents’ wishes and weakens principals and teachers. The incumbent votes to alter marriage, showing no respect for this long-trusted, time-tested institution.

Julia Allen values and protects our cherished freedoms against the power of bossy government.

Julia Allen’s Response to Hawaii Family Forum and Hawaii Catholic Conference Survey

Survey Cover Graphic

The following is Julia Allen’s response to a recently released survey by Hawaii Family Forum and Hawaii Catholic Conference.

1 Would you vote to increase coordinated social services for ex-incarcerated persons being reintegrated into society and for their families?


2 Would you vote to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Hawaii?


3 Would you vote to eliminate the Hawaii State income tax for families with incomes under the federal poverty level? (e.g. 1 – $11,670, or, family of 4 – $23,850) ?


4 Would you vote to continue to protect the right of religious organizations to refuse outside groups from using their facilities for activities related to same-sex marriage?


5 Would you vote to support tuition tax credits or vouchers to help poor families choose the school they consider best for their children?


6 Would you vote to establish a state earned income tax credit for residents living on low incomes?


7 Would you vote to legalize any form of gambling in Hawaii?


8 Would you vote to increase state funds to develop more affordable housing in Hawaii?


9 Would you vote for legislation that requires parental or guardian notification before a minor can have an abortion?


10 Would you vote to increase services for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence?


11 Would you vote to establish a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Hawaii like that in 19 other States?


12 Would you vote to establish term limits for state legislators?


Direct Link to Candidate Survey (PDF)

Any questions? Call Julia at 808 255-8915.

Response Table

The Issues at a Glance

Hawaii GOP Lokahi Rally

This is where I stand on the following, selected issues.

Issue Position Comment
GE Tax Increase to Pay for Rail Oppose Allow GET increase to be used for any transit project on Oahu
Fixed Rail Transit Oppose Costs too much and won’t reduce traffic congestion
Akaka Bill Oppose Unnecessary and divisive
Beverage Container Tax Oppose Curbside recycling is more effective
Taxing Pensions Oppose
Constitutional Convention Support
Alternative Energy/End Monopoly Support
2nd Amendment – Home Protection Support
2nd Amendment – Right to Carry Support
Agricultural Lands – Protect Support
Ban of Incandescent Bulbs Oppose
Ban of Plastic Bags Oppose
Ban of Styrofoam Lunch Containers Oppose
Special Funds – Creating New Oppose
Special Funds – Raiding Oppose
Decrease General Excise Tax Support
Decreasing Personal Income Tax Support
Education – More Charter Schools Support
Education – Local School Boards Support
Education – Merit Pay For Teachers Support
Education – UH Autonomy Support
Eliminating Death Tax Support
Law Enforcement – “Karen’s Law” Support
Legalize Gambling Oppose
Medical Marijuana For Severely Ill Support
National Popular Vote Oppose
Physician Assisted Suicide Oppose
Raising Taxes Oppose
Term Limits For Legislators Support
Unemployment Tax Reduction Support

If you have questions on any of these issues feel free to call or email me!

Additional Links

Honolulu Civil Beat 2012 Survey (link)